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WinterSki Makov948 m

Ski MakovSki Makov - nástup
Tomorrow00:00partlycloudy17 °C
Tomorrow06:00rainshowers21 °C3.4 mm
Tomorrow12:00rainshowers22 °C2.6 mm
Tomorrow18:00partlycloudy19 °C
18.7.00:00clearsky17 °C
18.7.06:00partlycloudy18 °C0.1 mm
18.7.12:00fair22 °C
18.7.18:00partlycloudy19 °C
19.7.00:00partlycloudy17 °C
19.7.06:00partlycloudy19 °C
19.7.12:00clearsky23 °C
19.7.18:00clearsky19 °C
20.7.00:00clearsky16 °C
20.7.06:00clearsky20 °C
20.7.12:00partlycloudy23 °C
20.7.18:00clearsky20 °C
21.7.00:00clearsky15 °C
21.7.06:00clearsky20 °C
21.7.12:00clearsky25 °C
21.7.18:00clearsky21 °C
22.7.00:00clearsky20 °C
22.7.06:00lightrainshowers21 °C0.7 mm
22.7.12:00rainshowers23 °C1 mm
22.7.18:00fair19 °C
23.7.00:00clearsky14 °C
23.7.06:00rainshowers18 °C1.8 mm
23.7.12:00rainshowers23 °C1.9 mm
23.7.18:00lightrainshowers18 °C0.9 mm
24.7.00:00cloudy16 °C0.1 mm
24.7.06:00partlycloudy17 °C0.4 mm
24.7.12:00fair22 °C0.2 mm
24.7.18:00cloudy19 °C0.2 mm
25.7.00:00rain15 °C1.1 mm
25.7.06:00rain15 °C1.5 mm
25.7.12:00fair18 °C
25.7.18:00clearsky16 °C
17.7.Wednesdayrainshowers23 / 16 °C35.9 mm
18.7.Thursdayfair23 / 16 °C0.5 mm
19.7.Fridayclearsky23 / 16 °C
20.7.Saturdaypartlycloudy23 / 15 °C
21.7.Sundayclearsky25 / 15 °C
22.7.Mondayrainshowers23 / 14 °C1.7 mm
23.7.Tuesdayrainshowers23 / 14 °C4.6 mm
24.7.Wednesdayfair22 / 15 °C0.9 mm
25.7.Thursdayfair18 / 15 °C2.6 mm
Ski Makov650 m
13:2416. 7. 2024
22.6 °C
Opening hours
Ski conditions
Weather: semi cloudy, 19.4 °C
Snow type: artificial
0 / 4
0,0 km / 6,1 km
Wednesday 2024-07-17 (tomorrow)
09:00rainshowers21 to 22 °C2.3 mm
12:00rainshowers21 to 22 °C1.3 mm
15:00partlycloudy22 to 23 °C2 mm
18:00rain19 to 21 °C0.4 mm
Reviews from skiers
Overall rating
1. Slope grooming
2. Waiting time for lifts and cable cars
3. Staff behaviour (lifts, ticket office)
4. Price : skiing quality ratio
5. Access from the car park to the lifts
6. Availability of additional services
7. Quality of services provided

Long-term weather forecast

Pricelist Ski Makov

adults children
Prices in €
1 day * 26 23
4 hours 24 21
2 hours 22 19
2 days 47 39
3 days 68 56
6 days with evening skiing 125 105
Evening skiing
All evening 19 17
Other skipasses
Point ticket - 200 points 170 150
Groups with more then 15 people 25 22
Children rope lift - 1 day - 10
1 run 3
5 runs 8

Pricelist information

  • * The deposit for the contactless card for all-day ticket is 10 € ! Deposit will be refunded only to person authorised by intact identification bracelet !
  • Deposit 3 Eur for contactless card (except of all day skipasses).
  • Children ticket is valid only for children up to the 160 cm of height.
  • 2,3,6 - day ticket is only valid for 2,3,6 consecutive days.
  • Evening skiing takes place only by good snow conditions.
  • Point deduction - 2 points / big skilifts (H210), 1 points / small skilift (P)

Map - Ski Makov

Ski Makov
Ski Makov948 m

Downhill slopes

011500 m288 mBad, 30 cm
021300 m245 mBad, 10 cm
03300 m41 mBad, 30 cm
0450 m5 mBad, 20 cm
051350 m250 mBad, 0 cm
061550 m288 mBad, 0 cm


Ski liftTatrapoma H 2101450 m900 pph
Ski liftTatrapoma H 2101200 m900 pph
Ski liftTatrapoma P340 m650 pph
Ski liftLPVE 1,5-100 detský lanový vlek50 m400 pph


LengthGroomed lengthStatus
Beskydsko - Javornícka lyžiarska bežecká magistrála (upravovaná)
35000 m-

Snow height history (cm)

Information about the resort

Attractions and services in the resort

In the resort, just next to the ski lifts, there is a newly build buffet with the possibility of sitting inside or on a covered terrace with a wonderful view of the ski slopes. Skiers have the option of refreshments in the buffet at the upper lift station, directly on the ridge Javorníky, where a nice view of the resort and Beskydy. There is also a children SKIFUN park, new SNOWPARK, snowtubing, snowboarding and ski rental and ski service. For the beginners, we offer ski and snowboard school and ski kindergarten, which is operated by MOUNTSCHOOL.
Beskydsko-Javornícka ski running main line passes through the ridge Javorníky through top Čerenka 948 m, while the ridge to ski lift exports and supplies to the ridge Beskydy.

Attractions and services available in the vicinity

In the Makov municipality (2 km from the resort), there is a ice rink, ATM, change office, railway station and other food and accommodation facilities.

Accomodation offer

ParkoviskoSki servisSki školaSnowtubingVečerné lyžovanieKabínková lanovkaÚprava zjazdoviek (ratrak)BankomatUbytovanieKameraSnowboard parkDetské ihrisko

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