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WinterPezinská Baba403 - 595 m

21:596. 7. 2022
Pezinská Baba585 m
17.0 °C
Opening hours
Prevádzka vlekov v tejto zimnej sezóne bola ukončená.
Ski conditions
Weather: partly cloudy, 17.0 °C
0 / 5
0,0 km / 3,6 km
Weather forecast:
Thursday (7.7.)
12 to 19°C
Friday (8.7.)
12 to 17°C
Reviews from skiers
Pezinská Baba has not been rated yet this season

Pezinská Baba - skipassy 2021

Winter season 21/22Pricelist of skipasses
Prices in EUR.
1 day20,0018,0016,00
Point ticket - 150 points *14,0013,0011,00
1 ride4,004,004,00
1 hour10,009,008,00
2 hours14,0011,009,00
3 hours16,0015,0014,00
4 hours18,0017,0015,00
8 hours of season66,0061,0055,00
16 hours of season116,00105,0094,00
32 hours of season198,00182,00165,00
Seasonal non-transferable220,00198,00176,00
Family skipass
1 day, 2+144,00
1 day, 2+255,00
1 day, 2+366,00

Price list information

  • All skipasses are also valid in Zochova chata.
  • * skilift H 60 and DOUBLE 1 ride = 15 points, skilift EPV and POMA P 1 ride = 10 points, skilift VL 1000 1 ride = 20 points
  • 2,00 € deposit on contactless card is required. The deposit will be returned in case of returning of undamaged card, only.
  • For evening skiing you can use these types of skipasses: time, hourly, points and seasonal skipasses
  • Skipasses 8-, 16- and 32-hours of season are valid at any time during the season.
  • Child up to 5 years of age acommpanied by an adult - free of charge.
  • Children - up to 12 years of age, id cards is reguired.
  • Juniors - youth 13 - 18 years, id card is required.
  • Junior´s rate is also valid for seniors over 60 years and handicapped people.
  • Family skipass is valid for 2 parents and 1-3 children untill 12 years.
  • ISIC, ITIC, GO<26 a EURO<26 card´s holders - discount 20% on full-time and evening skipasses. Valid only during mail season.
  • Skicourses over 20 persons - individual discount.
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Map - Pezinská Baba (Zima)

Downhill slopes

pri vleku DOUBLE430 m90 mBad
pri EPV280 m38 mBad
pri VL 1000980 m168 mBad
Obchvat440 m90 mBad
Pod vysokým napätím430 m90 mPoor
Modrá značka (prepojovacia)610 m39 mBad
Žliabok (prepojovacia)400 m12 mBad


Ski liftvlek DOUBLE485 m1200 m
Ski liftPoma H 60520 m900 m
Ski liftEPV 300285 m300 m
Ski liftVL 1000998 m800 m
Ski liftPoma P227 m450 m


LengthGroomed lengthStatus
Trojka3000 m2000 m
Päťka5000 m4000 m

Information about the resort

Ski resort Pezinská Baba is located in the mountains of Malé Karpaty, 12 km far from town Pezinok. There are 5 skilifts available, with a total transport capacity of 3650 pers./hour. Ski slopes of easy and medium difficulty (overall length of 3570 m), are located in 403 - 595 m above sea level and they are regularly treated. The longest one is "VL1000" ski slope – 980 m. 20% of them are covered with artificial snow in case of lack of snowy days. Cross-country skiers can also have a great time in Pezinská Baba. There are two cross-country loops near skiresort.

Further attractions and facilities

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