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WinterVrátna - Paseky614 - 1000 m

Tomorrow00:00partlycloudy10 °C
Tomorrow06:00lightrainshowers15 °C0.6 mm
Tomorrow12:00heavyrainshowers20 °C5.1 mm
Tomorrow18:00partlycloudy14 °C
21.5.00:00cloudy10 °C
21.5.06:00cloudy16 °C0.5 mm
21.5.12:00rain19 °C3.2 mm
21.5.18:00lightrainshowers16 °C0.7 mm
22.5.00:00partlycloudy12 °C0.1 mm
22.5.06:00rain16 °C2.2 mm
22.5.12:00partlycloudy17 °C0.4 mm
22.5.18:00fair15 °C
23.5.00:00clearsky11 °C
23.5.06:00partlycloudy14 °C0.2 mm
23.5.12:00fair20 °C0.1 mm
23.5.18:00partlycloudy16 °C
24.5.00:00cloudy11 °C
24.5.06:00cloudy16 °C0.5 mm
24.5.12:00cloudy19 °C0.1 mm
24.5.18:00fair16 °C
25.5.00:00clearsky11 °C
25.5.06:00lightrainshowers16 °C0.6 mm
25.5.12:00cloudy21 °C0.3 mm
25.5.18:00cloudy17 °C
26.5.00:00partlycloudy12 °C
26.5.06:00rain17 °C2.1 mm
26.5.12:00rain20 °C2.2 mm
26.5.18:00cloudy17 °C
27.5.00:00clearsky11 °C
27.5.06:00clearsky17 °C
27.5.12:00lightrainshowers23 °C0.8 mm
27.5.18:00partlycloudy17 °C
28.5.00:00clearsky12 °C
28.5.06:00fair18 °C0.1 mm
28.5.12:00lightrainshowers23 °C0.7 mm
28.5.18:00cloudy19 °C
20.5.Mondayheavyrainshowers21 / 8 °C33.8 mm
21.5.Tuesdayrain21 / 10 °C26.2 mm
22.5.Wednesdaypartlycloudy17 / 11 °C5.2 mm
23.5.Thursdayfair20 / 11 °C0.3 mm
24.5.Fridaycloudy19 / 11 °C0.6 mm
25.5.Saturdaycloudy21 / 11 °C0.9 mm
26.5.Sundayrain20 / 11 °C4.3 mm
27.5.Mondaylightrainshowers23 / 11 °C0.8 mm
28.5.Tuesdaylightrainshowers23 / 12 °C0.8 mm
Vrátna - Paseky630 m
17:5019. 5. 2024
17.6 °C
Opening hours
Prevádzka lokality Paseky je v zimnej sezóne 2022/2023 ukončená.
Ski conditions
Weather: semi cloudy, 11.9 °C
Snow type: artificial
1 / 7
0,0 km / 3,2 km
Monday 2024-05-20 (tomorrow)
09:00fair17 to 19 °C
12:00fair20 to 21 °C5.1 mm
15:00rainshowers17 to 18 °C0.4 mm
18:00partlycloudy14 to 17 °C
Reviews from skiers
Overall rating
1. Slope grooming
2. Waiting time for lifts and cable cars
3. Staff behaviour (lifts, ticket office)
4. Price : skiing quality ratio
5. Access from the car park to the lifts
6. Availability of additional services
7. Quality of services provided

Long-term weather forecast

Map - Lyžiarska mapa - Vrátna

Lyžiarska mapa - Vrátna
Vrátna - Paseky614-1000 m

Downhill slopes

8 - Paseky I1550 m395 mPoor, 30 - 40 cm
9 - Paseky II Slovan1050 m250 mPoor, 30 - 40 cm
10 - Paseky III skrytá220 m60 mBad
11 - Paseky IV školská310 m65 mGood, 30 - 40 cm
17 - Paseky detská zóna MINI50 m5 mGood


4-seat chairliftH - Paseky I., 4-sedačka1304 m2034 pph
Ski liftJ - Paseky II. Slovan, vlek H130960 m784 pph
Ski liftK - Paseky III., vlek P skrytý200 m600 pph
Ski liftL - Paseky IV., vlek Leitner347 m900 pph
Moving carpetS - Detská zóna MINI35 m300 pph
Moving carpetP - Dopravníkový pás Mini30 m500 pph
Moving carpetR - dopravníkový pás Maxi63 m1200 pph


LengthGroomed lengthStatus
Vrátna dolina
4000 m-
6000 m-
8000 m-
Na Grúň
1000 m-

Snow height history (cm)

Information about the resort

Ski resort VRÁTNA MALÁ FATRA is located in the heart of the National park Malá Fatra, only 3 km far from dictinctive village Terchová and 30 km far from town Žilina.
The skiresort is divided into 3 parts - Paseky, Poludňový grúň and Chleb. There are 9 skilifts, 1 chairlift in locality of Paseky and 1 cableway in locality of Chleb (in operation year-round) available. The total transport capacity is 11000 persons per hour. Ski slopes of all difficulties (overall length of 12000 m, 51% with snow making system), are located in 600 - 1500 m above sea level and they are regularly treated. The longest one situated in the area of Chleb has length of 3000 m. Cross-country skiers can also have a great time in Vrátna. There are 20 km cross-country trails near skiresort. For children the Kid´s park with wondercarpet is prepared.

Further attractions and facilities

ski servis, ski rental, ski school (kid´s zone), ski depot, snack bars, restaurants, slopes for freeride, evening skiing in locality Paseky, parking, snowtubing, accommodation in hotels, chalets or guest houses possible

Omnitrade a.s.

Starý Dvor, 013 06 Terchová
Email: infocentrum@vratna.skWeb: www.vratna.skTel: 0903 266 231
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