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WinterRužomberok - Malinô Brdo567 - 1209 m

17:543. 12. 2022
Malinô Brdo961 m
-0.4 °C
0 / 10
0,0 km / 10,6 km
Sonntag (4.12.)
-2 bis 5°C
Montag (5.12.)
1 bis 4°C
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Skipark Ružomberok

ZIMNÁ SEZÓNA 2021/228. 1. - 10. 3. 2019From 11 3. 2019
1 Tag312522241917
2 Stunden221815171412
4 Stunden252018191513
1 x Kabinenbahn or Sessellift10981098
1 x Kabinenbahn + Sessellift141210141210
Snwb park 1 Tag171717171717
2 Tage604842463732
3 Tage866960665346
4 Tage1129078866960
5 Tage133106931028271
6 Tage1511211061169381
10 Tage von Saison299239209299239209

Pricelist information

  • Children up to the age 6 are free when accompanied by adults.
  • Children skipass is valid for children up to the age of 12 and the Euro26, ISIC and ITIC card holders only for one day skipass.
  • Senior skipass is valid for persons man over 60, women over 55 years and ZŤP, ZŤPS card owners.
  • Junior skipass is valid for persons till 18 years.
  • When purchasing a children’s tariff ski pass either a valid health ID, personal ID, passport or other form of identification must be produced without asking. Please adhere to these regulations because cash desk personnel cannot make any exceptions to them.
  • Snowboard pass is only on sale in case when the snow park is open and the P2 ski-lift is running.
  • ATTENTION!: It is necessary to submit the relevant medical report from the doctor or from the Mountain Rescue personnel to receive a refund on your ticket. The refund will equal the amount from the time of the injury to the end of validity of the relevant ski pass. Monetary refunds are not paid on 2 and 4-hour ski passes.
  • All ski passes are issued as a chip cards (paid deposit € 2). Chip cards can be returned after skiing during opening hours at the cash box or the machine. Deposit will be returned only on UNDAMAGED and fully FUNCTIONAL smart card!
  • No refund in case of bad weather, lost, damage, sickness, electricity blackout and put aside arrangement. In case of misusage the skipass can be taken. There is no insurance included in the skipass.
Kompletné pokyny k cenníku

Karte - Malinô Brdo (Zima)


1a - Hlavná - Malinô Brdo1000 m200 m
1b - Hlavná - údolná stanica kab. lanovky2900 m432 m
2 - Výhliadková1250 m285 m
3 - Malá Mulda1050 m230 m
4 - Majstrovská900 m230 m
5 - Vlkolínska900 m230 m
6 - Pretekárska1200 m230 m
7 - Veľká Mulda1400 m285 m


Ski liftSnowtubingový vlek200 m400 P/h
Cable carA - 8 KLD Hrabovo - Malinô Brdo1770 m1500 P/h
4-seat chairliftB - 4 SLD1300 m2400 P/h
Ski liftC - H 210 Malinô - vrchol1000 m900 P/h
Ski liftD - H 130 Malinô - hrebeň900 m900 P/h
Ski liftE - Malinô - detský200 m600 P/h
Ski liftF - Malinô - detský220 m600 P/h
Ski liftG - Malinô - detský250 m600 P/h
Ski liftH - Malinô - detská škôlka100 m150 P/h
Ski liftI - Hrabovo - detská škôlka70 m150 P/h

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